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Online Sweepstakes: Main Advantages of Playing Them

July 23, 2023


Access some of the best online sweepstakes from your mobile device, offering a significant payout. Sign up to RiverMonster to earn real money.

Online sweepstakes are the preferred gaming option of most players. People do not have to worry about house edges and other factors. The gameplay is simple, get better results than other contestants and win the prize.

This form of gambling shares significant similarities with traditional wagering. As a result, it is unsurprising that most veteran players often opt for it.

This article will review sweepstakes in its entirety. We will explain how they work, the casino offers these gaming options, and how players can benefit. Virtual casinos and their users will learn important information from this content.

Online Sweepstakes: How Does it Work

In a brick-and-mortar casino, people tend to face off when gambling. Using fish table games as an example, people sat at physical machines and played against each other. The winner is the contestant that scored more points.

In the traditional gambling setting, the process was straightforward. People see each other physically, and they can ascertain the gaming outcomes without any issues. However, this process is not straightforward in online casinos.

For one, people are gambling from different locations and do not need to meet physically. Therefore, virtual casinos must incorporate measures to bring the real-time gaming effect. This is where online sweepstakes come to play.

online sweepstakes

Gambling sweepstakes software is an application that enables people to compete in games. This program enables the actions of participants to take effect in real time. It works similarly to playing CoD online with other people.

Since gameplay is a “competition,” it is essential that actions relay almost immediately as they occur. For one, there is money at stake, and people may become suspicious if they cannot see what other participants are doing. In addition, the multiplayer gaming experience will not be exciting if everything does not happen immediately.

Meanwhile, online sweepstakes casino real money does not operate using regular currencies like dollars, pounds sterling, or euros. Instead, these wagering platforms use in-game gold coins to process transactions. Players will receive the equivalent of their deposit in the casino’s currency and gamble with it.

Online Sweepstakes Games: Possible Options

For the record, there are no specific gaming options that are called online sweepstakes games. This is not like blackjack, slot, poker, roulette, and the like. There are no fixed rules to sweepstakes online gambling. Instead, there are existing games that utilize the multiplayer features of online sweepstakes software to provide people with exciting gameplay.

Perfect examples are slots and fish shooters. The former has always been a one-person game where people just play on a machine. It is not even considered a traditional multiplayer game that emanates excitement. In comparison, the latter is already a multiplayer game where people play at tables.

Fish tables sweepstakes online and arcade slots are not the only possible sweepstakes games. Online casinos can also include poker, keno, and other luck-based games in their multiplayer gaming portfolio. This ensures that people can enjoy a variety of gameplay options and are not limited in terms of choices.

What the best online sweepstakes casino real money does is incorporate “competition” into gambling. This way, people wager on their ability to outdo each other instead of just trying to beat a machine. The winner is whoever scores higher, and that person gets to take the stake for him. Although, the new online sweepstakes casino usually demands a percentage of the wager.

Features of the Best Online Sweepstakes Casino

online sweepstakes

Now that we understand how sweepstakes casinos work, the next step is to examine the features of the best online sweepstakes casino. These attributes will guide players when they want to choose the right platform where they will gamble.

Here are some characteristics to watch out for:

Substantial Gaming Portfolio

As stated earlier, online sweepstakes games are very diverse and not limited to specific gaming types. Considering this factor, the best online sweepstakes casino is one that offers a significant array of gameplay choices for players to pick from. The essence of sweepstakes gambling will be defeated if the gaming selection is limited.

High-Quality Gaming Options:

Just because an online casino wants to offer numerous /sweepstakes games does not meet the games should be trashy. These gaming options should be very qualitative, with high-definition graphics, animations, and background sound. In addition, the new online sweepstakes casino should introduce straightforward gaming rules to avoid any form of bias or unfairness.

Use of Sweep Coins

Earlier on, we mentioned that Sweepstakes casino does not use regular currency. Instead, they utilize gold coins, which are also known as sweep coins. This currency levels the playing field and enables individuals from different nationalities to gamble without worrying about conversion rates.

Multiplayer Gaming

This is arguably the essence of establishing new online sweepstakes casinos - competition. There is no better way to promote contests between individuals than to pit them against each other. One of the good signs of the best online sweepstakes casino is that it enables users to play games simultaneously. Some wagering platforms even allow as many as six individuals to gamble on the same game simultaneously.

Bonuses and Free Online Sweepstakes:

online sweepstakes sites

Although this is not exactly an essential feature, it is instead an essential feature amongst new online sweepstakes casinos. This gambling platform incorporates free games and the best mobile casino bonuses to entice more people into gambling with them. The inducements range from online casino no deposit bonus to an additional percentage of account credits.

Meanwhile, an online sweepstakes casino must also have some critical features of regular gambling websites that foster smooth gameplay. This includes attributes like user data security to enable people to access games in a safe environment. The presence of an efficient payment method is equally non-negotiable.

Online Sweepstakes Casino Real Money: The Best Options to Consider

Both old and new online sweepstakes casinos are legal in almost every region that permits lottery or gambling. Therefore, people should be able to access paid and free online sweepstakes. Meanwhile, this article has outlined the essential features of a sweepstakes gambling platform.

To further buttress the attributes listed above, we will further highlight every online sweepstakes casino that ticks these boxes. Some of them include those shown below:


This is arguably the best online sweepstakes casino. It includes an insane variety of games that people can enjoy. The portfolio of RiverMonster includes gaming like Dragon vs. Phoenix, Baby Octopus, Golden Toad, Colosseum, and other high-definition games. Players are guaranteed to have a good time whenever they gamble on this website.

Besides the gameplay option, this platform is very secure and utilizes a secure payment method. People can deposit and withdraw from their wallets with ease. Meanwhile, it has a mobile casino app that is compatible with most phones. This is because the software has meager requirements, and people can easily install it on their devices. 

Blue Dragon

Another serious contender for the best sweepstakes casino position is Blue Dragon. While it offers various paid and free sweepstakes games, the fish arcades remain its selling point. This includes popular casino games like Ocean King, which has won the hearts of so many individuals.

online sweepstakes casino real money

To make gameplay even more exciting, Blue Dragon opts for multi-line video slots. This way, players have diverse winning ways and better chances of getting a significant payout. To match the offerings of most new online sweepstakes casinos, this website has an app that offers all the necessary gambling features.


How to win online sweepstakes?

Players can win online sweepstakes by scoring better than other contestants at a game. Other details vary from one game to the other.

How to start an online sweepstakes business?

Interested business owners will need sweepstakes software to start an online sweepstakes business. They can add different games and incorporate additional features that will ensure smooth gaming experiences.

What are some online sweepstakes sites?

Some online sweepstakes websites include the following:

Who are the best online sweepstakes service providers?

Some of the best online sweepstakes software service providers include the following:

  • PlayRIverslot
  • Vegas7 Games
  • Flamingo7
  • Ultra Power Games
  • Vegas-X
  • Fire Kirin, etc.

How do I find online sweepstakes?

You can get a quote from the online sweepstakes software providers mentioned above. These companies listed above offer unique solutions to enable your online casino to stand out from the competition.

How to create online sweepstakes?

Virtual; casinos can pay a software developer to build sweepstakes software for them from scratch. They can also get personalized solutions from companies that provide these services. However, the former has proven to be more economical.

Why should you run online sweepstakes?

There are several benefits of online sweepstakes to an online casino. More so, all of them point towards an increase in gambling activities on the gambling platform.


Sweepstakes have revolutionized the virtual gambling industry. Players can now enjoy all the pleasant attributes of traditional casinos without needing to visit one physically. Thanks to this software, gambling platforms can offer the excitement of brick-and-mortar casinos with the convenience of online casinos.

More so, the rise of new online sweepstakes casinos means people now have more significant options to choose from. Some platforms even go as far as offering free sweepstakes games to outwit the competition.

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