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Internet Cafe Software

The Best Internet Cafe Software for Your Casino Business

RiverMonster App helps you manage, secure, and expand your internet cafe operations. It doesn't matter if you run an internet cafe or gaming center. Our internet cafe software will make your life easier and your business more successful.

Users have extensive options for personalization and adaptability with our software. Our method makes it easy to control who can access specific folders or the entire desktop with just a few touches. 

It takes less time for you to monitor and bill customers for their use of the cafe's internet, slot games, Office software, and other products.

Easy Staff Management

You need good RiverMonster casino software to manage your customers and staff. We implemented multiple authorization tiers to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to sensitive data. You can restrict your employees' abilities to access user accounts, collect or use sensitive data, and commit fraud. 

We've designed our internet cafe software to give different levels of access to users, such as admin, managers, and cashiers. That way, they can be given the tools they need to do their jobs without unauthorized access to sensitive information.

You can also view staff login timings and system activity. With this function, you can always know what your employees are doing.

Usage Restrictions And Limitations Of Use

You can limit computer use if necessary. For example, if a customer's deposit hasn't been completely spent, you can immediately disable their ability to use any or all of the computers in your café. As soon as the problem has been fixed, the computer's restrictions can be lifted, and normal operations can resume. 

Several practical safety measures are built into our internet casino software. There are USB read or write requests from the client included. 

You can rest assured that no unauthorized third party can access any of your computers by inserting a flash drive into one of them, installing software from the disk, or copying data from the hard drive to the flash drive. 

Your computer's security could be compromised if a flash drive was inserted and opened without authorization. In addition, free or low-cost software is more secure than pirated software. Therefore, it's crucial to have cutting-edge software for internet cafes that is robust enough to fend off hackers